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Purposeful Journey Path of Action Resource Library

A collection of free, time-saving resources that so you can take action in each stage of the Purposeful Journey Path.

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Just Grow

Just Grow Resources

You will have a unique path to purpose. But let me ask you a question.


Do you even know what your Ideal Homestead or Journey will look like?


How do you and your family see your purposeful life going? What dreams or goals do you have or better yet what your family’s growing vision is? 


It is time to get all of your thoughts, plans, and even concerns out on paper.

Step 1: Define you Purposeful Journey by asking yourself a few important questions everyone should ask before they start homesteading. Listen to Top Questions to Ask Before You Start Your Homestead  podcast episode. 

Step 2: Make your first three goals. Listen to Dreaming Big On the Homestead podcast episode.


Step 3: Find Your Path to Purpose by going through the below guides. Each are Free, just click the download button below and take action!

Growing Audit Checklist.jpg

Growing Audit Checklist

Checklist: 5 pages

Learn to take your growing notes to the next level with a growing audit.

Looking for more in-depth Education?

How about a community of like-minded growers to help you stay on track?


Purposeful  Kitchen

Kitchen Resources

The Purposeful Kitchen stage is the next circle out from you and that is the very heart of your home, the Kitchen.


What is so amazing about this stage is that you can start growing any time because you already have a kitchen and the skill you develop here will help you provide your family with the very essentials of life, food. You don’t need a garden or a homestead to start growing here because this stage is all about learning the skills you will need so that when you do have a garden or homestead, you are ready. The skills in our kitchen are the foundation that the whole purposeful life is built on and caring for our family’s needs should always come first.

Step 1: Learn about what a homestead kitchen needs and cooking from scratch. Listen to the What makes a Kitchen a Homestead Kitchen? podcast episode

Step 2: Learn more about homesteading without a homestead and how to purchase and eat with the seasons. Read the Can You Homestead Without A Homestead? Blog Series 

Step 3: Learn to make a Meal Plan for your Family. Listen to the The Benefits of a Simple Meal Plan podcast episode.

Step 4: Start learning your first food preserving method like water bath canning or freezing vegetables. To learn about all the ways that you can learn listen to Is Canning the Only Way to Preserve Your Harvest? podcast episode.

Step 5: You are starting to create a purposeful pantry in your home. Listen to Time to Stock Up your Winter Pantry podcast episode.

Below are a few Guides, Recipe Cards, and a Training that are all free for you to dive even deeper into this stage.

Store Mockups (1).png

Planning Beyond the Harvest Handbook

Guide: 21 pages

Learn to make a plan for your harvest so it doesn't go to waste.

RRF Recipe Cards.jpg

Recipe Cards

Printable: 5 designs

Keep track of all your harvest recipes on these beautiful recipe cards

Store Mockups (18).png

Farm to Fork eBook

eBook: 109pgs

Learn to make a plan for your harvest with out stress or overwhelm

Store Mockups (16).jpg

Spice Mixes Recipe eBook

eBook: 14 pages

Learn to create your own spice mixes to save you time and money

Planning Beyond the Harvest Workshop.jpg

Planning Beyond the Harvest Training

Crystal Mediate walks you through the step of creating a plan for beyond the harvest

Purposeful Home

Home Resouces

As growers, it is easy to jump over this stage because we just want to start growing our food and get outdoors. But you have to remember the home is where you create an environment of purpose. 


A question I get asked a lot, is “How do you get it all done? How do you grow your own food and still have time for worship? Or How do you work all day in the garden and still have joy when you are cooking dinner?


Well, the answer is that I work hard to be a homemaker first. Many times society looks at this role as a waste of time, but caring for our family doesn’t just stop at the dinner table. It continues into the whole home, from making sure everyone has clean clothes to having clean dishes to serve our delicious homegrown food on. Homemaking is where you as a mother and leader in your home create an environment of safety for your family and yourself.

Step 1: Define and shape your homemaker attitude

Step 2: Define your purposeful homemaking habits. 

Step 3: Focus on Progress over Perfection. Listen to Why You Need Progress Over Perfection podcast episode.

Step 4: Increase your productivity through organization. Read Get Things Done by David Allen

More Resources are coming soon!

Store Mockups (16).png

Growing with Habits

Checklist: 1 page

Learn to make habit that match your growing goals.

Looking for more in-depth Education?

Do you crave the simple life?


Purposeful Garden

Garden Resources

Growing a garden is all about taking care of your soil. Your soil is a living and full of microorganisms that break down nutrients for your plants. You may call yourself a gardener but what you truly are is a steward of the soil.

You also need to develop a garden plan that goes beyond planting the seed to one that includes everything that needs done. A simple drawing is not going to remind you to fertilize, harvest, weed, water, transplant, and so on. You are going to need something more. I personally make a plan modeled after a market gardener.

Step 1: Become the expert of your soil needs. Read Dirt: Finding the Solution to Building Soil Health by Crystal Mediate

Step 2: Create a garden plan that will bring peace of mind and abundance

Step 3: Learn to make a Plan for Beyond the Harvest. Listen to What is Beyond the Harvest Planning? podcast episode.

Step 4: Build or rebuild your garden to No-Till Garden for abundance and soil fertility

Below are a few resources, guides, and trainings to help you dive deeper into this stage. 

Store Mockups.jpg

Seed Variety Tracker

Excel Document

Keep track of all the varieties of seeds you grow from year to year

Store Mockups.png

Building Soil Health Guide

Guide: 20 page

Learn how to improve your soil in 4 simple steps

Store Mockups (2).png

Seedling Supplies Checklist

Checklist: 5 page

Find all the supplies you need to grow your own seedlings

Garden Location Pic 1.jpg

Garden Location Checklist

Checklist: 21 pages

Learn to chose the perfect location for your first garden

Online Course Thumbnails (7).jpg

Compost Basics Training

Crystal Mediate walks you through the 6 basic principles of making compost

Store Mockups.jpg

Seed Variety Tracker Training

Crystal Mediate walks you through using the Seed Variety Tracker

Online Course Thumbnails (8).jpg

Soil Health Training

Crystal Mediate walks you through the 4 steps to improving your soil

Seedling Supply Checklist VSL.jpg

Seedling Supply Training

Crystal Mediate gives you a tour of her own Seedling Growing Area

Untitled design.jpg

Start a Garden Checklist

Learn the steps you need to take to grow your first garden

Store Mockups (11).jpg

Saving Seeds from Your Garden Guide

Guide: 20 pages

Learn to save your own seeds from what you grow in your garden

Looking for more in-depth Education?

Do you have a place you can reach out to a mentor, one on one, when you want to learn more?


Purposeful Homestead

Homestead Resources

Having a homestead is one thing but your true goal should be to create a homestead that is sustainable, full circle, and essentially feeds itself. Permaculture has about 15 principles that help you use God’s connections in nature to create abundance. One example is that when you add animals you will have two unique byproducts, protein or product the animals produce and it poop! You will probably be consuming the product but the poop and litter can be developed into compost to feed your garden. 

Step 1: Decide what your first animal is going to be for your homestead. Read Polyface Micro by Joel Salatin

Step 2: Learn more about permaculture. Listen to the What Is Permaculture When It Comes to Designing Your Dream Homestead podcast episode.

Step 3: Start to build and design a homestead based on the 15 permaculture principles. Listen to the How to Use Permaculture Principle 1-4 in Your Homestead Design podcast episode.

More Resources for this stage are coming soon!

Store Mockups.png

Planning Beyond the Harvest Handbook

Change the text and make it your own. Click here to begin editing.

Store Mockups (14).jpg

Planning Beyond the Harvest with a Whole Chicken Guide

Change the text and make it your own. Click here to begin editing.

Coming Soon

Looking for more in-depth Education?

Learn the skills you need to keep growing on your growing journey!


Purposeful Life

This could be looked at as the final stage but I don’t think it is because it is more of combining all of the other stages and creating more. So like in your garden you will start adding perennials, like strawberries and blueberries or you want to start an orchard. With the homestead instead of just growing purchased animals for meat you decide to grow your own or start a mini dairy.

Step 1: Create a business plan

Step 2: Find a mentor in the industry you would like to explore

Step 3: Just keep growing and fill your everyday with you purposeful growing journey!

Resources coming soon!

Life Resources
Store Mockups (1).png

Planning Beyond the Harvest Handbook

Change the text and make it your own. Click here to begin editing.

Store Mockups (14).jpg

Planning Beyond the Harvest with a Whole Chicken Guide

Change the text and make it your own. Click here to begin editing.

Coming Soon

Looking for more in-depth Education?

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I want to thank you for reaching out and grabbing what you need to keep moving forward on your growing journey!

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What's Next

Finally a place on the web where you can find a laid out path to homegrown food, creating purpose, and building the life you crave…


It is much more than Just More Homesteading advice, because inside you will access an action path to growing success customized to the specific stage you are in, so you never have to wonder what you should be doing next and what can wait for when you are ready.

So whether you are just starting or a season grower looking to bring more abundance, you will access multiple courses, systems, and resources designed for you.


The Purposeful Growing member area is designed to meet you where you are at and push you toward the success on your path to homegrown and homemade.

I want to teach you to build a purposeful, family centered life that brings you health, wealth of the soul, and leaves you time to spend those important moments with your family.

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