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Are you ready to stop waiting to start your purposeful journey?

Then you need to stop letting the idea of perfection get in your way and instead focus on progress. I want you and I to have a little chat on how we can create purpose on our homestead and in our purposeful journey when you let go of the perfect journey and instead focus on progress you can do everyday, right now!

Main Points

  • How Perfectionism can Be Holding you back on your Growing Journey

  • What is a Purposeful Life

  • The True Focus is on the Progress of Reaching Our Goals not the End first

When you place progress over perfectionism you can start to build habits in your growing journey that will get you to your end goal. Perfection is a nice idea but you as a grower and a child of God need to remember that you and I are not perfect and that we need to give ourselves grace. Grace to fail, grace to start again, and grace to keep moving forward in the hardest of times. God covered you in grace so why can you give yourself the grace you need to just start your purposeful journey today!

And if you are ready to start focusing on progress, grab your spot on the Purposeful Growing Waiting List, and start learning how to use the strategies and habits that will create your Purposeful Life.

Don’t let the world hold you back,

Pray, Just Plant

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