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Red Ridge Farm Homestead

Hello, My name is Crystal Mediate.

I share our homegrown lifestyle on a Wyoming Homestead and teach other to do the same.


At Red Ridge Farm, we love God, Life, and Liberty. My husband, George, my three boys and I work together to raise a plethora of things. We hope to bring you along on our journey of growing food for our plates, ideas for our minds, and love in our hearts.


I am also the author and founder of the Homesteader's Hands Blog and Red Ridge Farm School of Growing. Here at Red Ridge Farm, our mission is to offer timeless education to all who want it. Yes, after 15 years, I know what it is like to try to build a garden and homestead on my own. I truly feel it is my calling to help others build not only a garden but food security, and to help put healthy food on every plate I can!

Follow along on our journey with the latest Farm Report, How to's, Recipes, learn to start your own garden and find my favorite resources in the links above.

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