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What if I told you that there is a path to your purposeful journey?

Purposeful Growing Journey will take you down an unique  path to show you that you don't need to wait to get started no matter where you live and if you have been growing for a while a path that can bring you clarity so that you will know what skill you need to learn next!

How to Use this Path

Bookmark this page! 

You will want to return often to keep on track!

Look through the below stages, find where you need to get started, and start taking action!

Listen to the podcast episode. I will walk you through each step and give you insight into where you need to get started!

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The Six Stages to Your Purposeful Growing Journey

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You are unique. Your home and family are unique. So the very first step is to define you! Get all of your thoughts, plans, and even concerns out on paper.

You are in the Just Grow stage if:

  • You are deciding if the growing or purposeful life is for you and your family

  • You are finding your purpose no matter if you are just starting or have been growing for years

  • You want to start growing but are not sure where to begin

  • You have not defined your why

  • You crave clarity on your path

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Growing in this stage simply starts with what you are already doing, eating healthy food, cooking for your family, and purchasing the best food.


You are in the Purposeful Kitchen stage if:


  • You want to give this growing journey a try and want to start growing now

  • You don’t eat or shop with the seasons

  • You want to learn how to create a meal plan for your family

  • You want to learn how to preserve produce

  • You want to learn to cook from scratch

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Stop devaluing your role as homemaker because raising and caring for the next generation is the great gift God has given you.


You know you are in the Purposeful Homemaker stage when:


  • You want to bring purpose beyond your kitchen and into your everyday life

  • You are asking how do I get everything done

    • Clean my home

    • Grow everyday

    • Cook from Scratch

    • Preserve my own Food

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In the Purposeful Garden stage you are going to begin doing just that growing a garden or if you have been growing for years you are going to be developing a system to help you get everything in your garden done not just growing food.

You are in the Purposeful Garden stage when:


  • You desire to not only eat healthy but to grow your own produce

  • You want to provide homegrown produce for your family 

  • You are unsure how you are going to add even more to your already full plate

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Time for animals to join the mix or if you already have animals now it is time to develop a homestead of abundance using permaculture.

You are in the Purposeful Homestead stage when:


  • You want to add animals

  • You want to develop a homestead built on Permaculture

  • You are ready to purchase land or develop beyond a garden

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This stage is where you are going to expand the skill you learned in the other stage and fill out every part of your life with purpose. And maybe you have asked the question, “Could I make money from my garden or my homestead”. This stage is full of abundance and more!


You are in the Purposeful Life stage when:


  • You are ready to scale what you are already doing

  • You want to make purpose your lifestyle

  • You are ready to learn more skills so that you can create independence

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