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Grow a
Purposeful Life

Inside you will find everything you need to create purpose, build food security, and design your dream homestead today! 

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Resources to Meet You where you are on your Growing Journey

Free Growing Resources

Purposeful Growing Success Path

eBooks and Planner

Purposeful Growing Member Area

Grow  Create  Build

The perfect companion when you want to create a meal plan from your harvest, prioritizing cooking from scratch, all while saving time so you can cook your favorite recipes any day of the week!


The Planning Beyond the Harvest Planner was designed to take the guesswork out of creating a meal plan that works for your family and utilizes the harvest you worked so hard to grow.


The steps inside this planner will help cut the stress out of the question “what is for dinner”, while bringing peace of mind because you know that your family will be eating your homegrown food everyday of the week.

Grab Your Copy

Finally a place on the web where you can find a laid out path to homegrown food, creating purpose, and building the life you crave…


It is much more than Just More Homesteading advice, because inside you will access an action path to growing success customized to the specific stage you are in, so you never have to wonder what you should be doing next and what can wait for when you are ready.

So whether you are just starting or a season grower looking to bring more abundance, you will access multiple courses, systems, and resources designed for you.


The Purposeful Growing member area is designed to meet you where you are at and push you toward the success on your path to homegrown and homemade.

I want to teach you to build a purposeful, family centered life that brings you health, wealth of the soul, and leaves you time to spend those important moments with your family.

Purposeful Growi

What if I told you that there is a path to your purposeful journey?

The Purposeful Growing Journey will take you down an unique path to show you that you don't need to wait to get started no matter where you live and if you have been growing for a while a path that can bring you clarity so that you will know what skill you need to learn next!

Purpose Journey

Grow More with Purpose

Planning Beyond the Harvest eBook

Stop waiting your harvest and start finding the solution 

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Garden Planning Tool Box

Bring organization to your garden plan and create more abundance in your garden

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Your Harvest Planner

Create a harvest schedule so that all of your produce will be picked at peak

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Red Ridge Farm Builds eBook

Build amazing projects from the farm with your kids

Dirt eBook .png

Dirt eBook

Become the expert of your soil you have been craving to be


Growing Starts with You!

Growing Audit Checklist.jpg

The Growing Audit Checklist

Bring peace of mind to your growing journey 

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The Seedling Supply Checklist

Get all the equipment you will need to start your own seedlings!

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The Seed Variety Tracker

Organize your seed information in one place so garden planning is a breeze!

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The Saving Seed from Your Garden Guide

Walk you thru each step of saving your own seed from your garden

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The Planning Beyond the Harvest Handbook

Make a plan for the harvest and beyond!

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The Building Soil Health Guide

Improve your soil health in 4 easy steps!

Free Resouces
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