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You are standing in the middle of your kitchen and you are looking in your fridge and looking in your cupboards. You are asking the question, "What is for Supper?" And the solution to that question is meal planning. I know sometimes meal planning can get a bad wrap because it is just too much. But today we are going to talk about the benefits of meal planning and how a meal plan can help you especially at that 5:30 Manic Hour! Let's get growing!

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Show Notes

Time Stamps

Intro- 00:42

Setting the Scene- 01:49

Why You Avoid Meal Planning- 03:51

Saving Money- 05:10

Spread Out Your Harvest- 06:19

Tips and Tricks- 08:00

Reduce Food Waste- 09:33

Can Reduce Stress- 12:07

Eat Less Unhealthy Meals- 14:49

Enjoy More Variety- 17:27

Growing with God- Romans 8:26-30- 18:00

Save Money- 26:05

Utilize Your Harvest- 26:58

Including Our Children- 31:12

Recap- 36:01

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