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As growers, as homesteaders, as gardeners, you probably have goals. You have big goals, little goals, and goal you want to reach. Maybe you didn't reach them this year. Maybe you are want to reach them next year in 2022. Today we are going to be talking about accomplishing these goals. How to make a list. How to bread them apart. How to make sure that you get your goals done. That you achieve the goals that you want to for yourself, as a grower, a gardener, and as a homesteader. Let's get growing!

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Show Notes

Time Stamps

Intro- 00:59

Making Our Goal List Manageable- 02:22

Don't Hesitate to Push Yourself- 04:18

Tips and Tricks- 06:01

Be specific- 07:14

Write Your Goals Down- 09:48

Tell Others- 10:00

Breakdown Your Big Goals- 12:56

Get Started- 15:46

Growing with God- Romans 8:18-21- 16:22

1% Change Everyday- 22:48

Recap- 27:52

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