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Red Ridge Farm

Do you wish you could give your family the healthiest food possible?

Do you feel like the best solution would be to grow that healthy nutrient dense food yourself?

I know I was that person about 15 years ago. When my husband and I first started our family, we wanted to give our growing boys all we could. This included me staying home to care for them as well as putting the healthiest food we possibly could on their plates. We soon found we had a problem!

Being a single income family, money was not as plentiful as we wished. And buying that healthy nutrient dense food and pay all our bills was hard to do every month.  That was when we found the perfect solution! What would happen if we didn't purchase all of our food from the grocery store but instead grow  as much as we could ourselves? This lead to another problem, how does one do that? How does one grow a garden full of nutrient fruits and vegetables? And what about the bacon and eggs we love to have for breakfast? We felt at a lose. Yes, I had grown up on ranch but somehow this seemed different, harder. 

All we could do was jump in with both feet and pray everything worked out. Luckily, I found a lot of old books that could help us on our journey. But there was many a time I wished I could of found a guide, a mentor, that could of helped us. Reading was one thing, but to have someone to talk to, to answer my endless questions, and to show us where we went wrong, would of been priceless. We had many failures in our journey but thank the Lord we also had many more successes! And now we can proudly say that we grow and store at least 75% of the food on our families plates ourselves. 

This lack of an expert is what inspired me to start the Homesteader's Hands Blog, Pray, Just Plant Podcast and lead to opening the Purposeful Growing Member Area!

I feel it is my calling to pass on what I have learned. Growing food takes blood, sweat, and tears. I feel I can help other maybe avoid some of those tears and failures we had. To guide you and others in obtaining food security and to gain that timeless education that has been lost over the years. 

In every blog post, podcast episode and online course I want to teach you what we did right, and how to avoid what we did wrong. I want to take you with us on our journey of growing a garden, our homestead, our healthy family and closer to God!

Our homestead is located at the base of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming on just 6 acres. We started our journey with a tiny garden and 3 chickens. Their name were Henny, Penny, and Reggie the Rooster. They weren't very original but my then 2 year old could say them and that was all that mattered. So many things have changed and grown over the years. Our family has grown to five! I thank the the Lord daily for blessing us with three young men. Being a mother of boys has been trying but somehow I always knew it was in my future. 

Our homestead has grown too. Our garden has tripled in size. We currently raise layer hen, meat chickens, Turkeys, heritage pigs, and LaMancha Dairy Goats. Running a small dairy has help us not only supply all our dairy needs but also allowed us to earn a little extra money on the side. This may seem like a long list but we are planning to add so much more. This year alone we started our first permaculture orchard and plan to add a second this summer. You can go to the Homestead Page to meet everyone and learn more about the practices we follow!

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