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The kitchen is the heart of the homestead. But what is the heart of the kitchen? Many say it is the stove or the fridge. But it truly is the dinner table. Where we all come together as a family and enjoy that delicious food we have been work to grow as a family. Today, we are going to talk about bringing our family together for dinner. Bringing our family together to celebrate food but also to create togetherness in this world of separation. Togetherness around the dinner table. Let's get growing!

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Show Notes

Time Stamps

Intro 01:03

Teach by Example 02:03

Handle Stress 03:46

Encourage Communication 06:20

Tip and Trick 09:38

Joy of Working Together 12:40

Sensible Eating Habits 14:10

Teaches Table Manners 15:30

Growing With God 18:14

Meal Planning 28:21

Include them in the Process 32:00

Include Meals You all Love 33:10

Schedule Huge Meals 33:56

Don't Need to be a 5 Course Dinner 36:53

Outro 37:18

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