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We have talked about how we can show our children God. But what does the Bible say about the relationship us as parents should have with our children? Or us as children should have with our parents? That is what we are going to be talking about today. Let's get growing!

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S5 E1 Introducing God to Our Children Building Soil Health Guide Planning Beyond the Harvest Handbook Exodus 20:12, Ephesian 5: 1-2, Psalm 139:13-16, Psalms 48:14, Psalms 33:11, Romans 8:28-30

Time Stamps

Intro 00:41 The Building Blocks of God 01:03 Modeling Our Own Relationships 01:53 The Importance of the Family 04:17 Tip and Trick 06:34 Our Role Reflects God 09:02 Being an Example 11:52 Growing With God 13:57 Are We Enough 19:30 We Are Not Their Only Teacher 21:07 God Created Them 21:38 God Will Guide and Has a Plan for Them 22:40 God Works for the Good 23:23 Recap 24:03

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