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Merry Christmas from Red Ridge Farm and the Mediate Family! I wish you good tidings on this wonderful day of remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ, our savior. I pray you get to spend much needed time with friends and family!

Even with Christmas just a few days away, things are still needed done on the homestead. We took both Goldie and Ebony to see a buck again this week. I am going to be assisting with Goldie's AI in a couple of days. And the report on Ebony is that her and buck got very friendly over the weekend. That just leaves Amber. I have her schedule to visit the buck on the first of the year. The barn renovation is running behind schedule as we are still trying to find all the supplies we are going to need. I am starting to get nervous, May Mae is due in February and she is going to need to kid in the finished barn.

In the basement, the mudding of the sheet rock has slowed us down. But we got the counter top ordered and the cabinet plan almost ready. They boys can’t wait to get moved in.

In the kitchen, I have decided to make my own sourdough starter. This is going to be an adventure as I have never baked with sour dough before. Wish me luck. If you would like the recipe I am trying here is the link.

Lord, I pray bless all this Christmas season! In your name I pray, Jesus Christ, Amen!

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