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I turn 40 today! Today marks that day of my 40th year around the sun. Today I am past my 30’s. Today I joined the 40 crowd. There are so many nice ways to say that I turn 40 today. But the fact still does not change, I am 40. My husband asked me “What do you want to do for your birthday?” I for once had no answer. I absolutely don’t know what to do to celebrate my 40’s. Now this is not because I regret turning 40 but instead it is more like “it is my birthday, and I really don’t care”. I don’t care that I am turning 40. It is just another year. Just another birthday. It’s nothing special. But what is special is that I am 40 and I have a loving husband who cares about what I want to do on my birthday. I have three boys that I love and they love me. That is what is special. Growing up I could never have dreamed that when I turned 40 I would have so much. Thank you, Lord for all you have given me over that past 40 years and I can't wait to see what the next 40 years bring!

On the homestead, most of this week was spent getting the house ready for Thanksgiving. I like to deep clean the house twice a year, just before Thanksgiving and Easter. Lucky I have my boys to help. We washed the walls, dusted everything, cleaned up the indoor plants, and mopped the floors.

In the basement, we got the computer room cleaned up. I think it was a total of about 5 garbage sacks of trash and junk. Now we just need to clear out all the furniture and we will be ready for drywall.

In the kitchen, well this is where most of the action happens on Thanksgiving. I think it was at least ¾ from the farm. The turkey was one we harvested last year. Who knew a 25 pound turkey could last so long. With covid, we only had a handful of people over and the turkey was just too big. But I love leftover turkey so I got my wish in a way. I do want to thank all that came over. We truly enjoyed your company!

Thank you Lord for all you give. In your name I pray, Jesus Christ

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