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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The weather here in Wyoming has been amazing. It feels like that golden beginning of Fall. The sun is low in the sky and the temps are just hovering at freezing but only at night. The days are warm. It is strange having no snow for my birthday, no snow even though we are into December. The weather is so perfect but I fear the lack of precipitation. I don’t know why, but I just wish it would snow. Give us some moisture. Everything is still so dry.

On the homestead, I got results on the last two pregnancy tests for Goldie and Ginger. Ginger is pregnant, which I am so thankful for. But Goldie is open. She was AI about about a month and a half ago. So I decided with my Friends' help that we are going to try again in about 14 days. I placed a CIDR on Sunday. Fingers crossed that it works this time.

In the basement, we got almost all of the sheet rock up in the Computer room. We just have one wall left and then it will be time to tape and texture.

In the kitchen, I am enjoying how clean it is. Somehow having a clean kitchen makes me want to cook and bake more. I have been trying some new breakfast recipes.

Thank you Lord, with the time with Family this last week. I pray that we can continue to take this time to have a slow Christmas and learn more about you! In your name, Jesus Christ , Amen!

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