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We finally got some snow! About 6 inches in fact! I have been so worried about this draught we have been having here in Wyoming. Currently we are behind 3” of our total precipitation for the year. That may not seem like a lot but when our area gets an average of 13” a year. That is a deficit of almost ¼ of our total precipitation.

On the homestead, not much has changed. I am moving forward with AI Goldie again. I also scheduled her mother, Amber, time with the buck. So I am placing her CIDR this week and she will visit the buck in 14 days. Also the new Chicken house is working wonderfully. The other day when it got down to about 18 degrees it stayed above freezing inside the coop. Which a blessing, because it means no frozen eggs!

In the basement my husband finished all the sheet rock in the Computer Room as well as down the Hall. I got the first coat of mud up on the Computer Room walls and I will continue to work on it the rest of the week. We finished school last week, so I am hoping that will open up a little more time in my schedule!

In the kitchen, I dehydrated oranges for the first time. I am hoping to use them as decoration and maybe in some cleanser or as vitamin C powder. Not sure yet!

Lord, I thank you for this year. I know it was definitely not what I expected but I thank you for the extra time I got to spend here on the Farm. In your name I pray, Jesus Christ, Amen!

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