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Happy Thanksgiving!! Life on the Farm has not been very eventful! That is why we had to get off the Farm this week to get a little excitement. Now we didn’t go on some crazy vacation or anything. In fact, George was the only one to leave the farm this week. With an increase of cases in our local town, we stayed home! My husband who’s job is off the Farm had to face the new restriction on his own. But this week he did just a little more than go back and forth to work. He went deer hunting. He told me he was going only to help a buddy get an additional doe to put some meat in the freezer. But the Lord had other plans and not only supplied a doe for George’s friend but also placed a very large, beautiful buck in George’s crosshairs and he just couldn’t pass it up. I am just thankful for all the added meat. We are thinking of going a little bit out of our comfort zone and making deer brats and smoked summer sausage. George can’t wait to use the smoker, he was sure we didn’t need. I am kind of excited to expand our meat preserving techniques. If you would like to see a picture of this beauty then you can jump over to the Red Ridge Farm Facebook Page.

On the homestead, we are continuing to work on the barn remodel. We didn’t get much done but finalizing the plans and cleaning up things so we are ready to build pens.

Our dairy girl, Ginger, is almost done with her visit to her buck. She didn’t re-cycle so my fingers are crossed that she is pregnant. I am sending Goldie's blood sample to the lab tomorrow. I can’t wait to get the results! May Mae, my oldest son’s doe who is confirmed pregnant, is getting huge. I was teasing my son that she is looking a little like her fat mother more and more each day. My fear is that it is not fat, but a few too many babies! This year she had twins and was never as big as she is now.

Downstairs in the basement, we got the Sun Room completely cleaned up. So we moved on to the computer room. Now I don’t know if I told you yet, but I am kind of a book hoarder. I just love old books. The computer room is where we have been storing all these books so I worked hard this week to sort through them and get rid of as many as possible. I do admit that I may just have too many books. I did end up with a huge box that I plan to donate at least.

In the kitchen, I continued to work on those extra groceries I got last week. Because carrots and cranberries are both in season right now, I bought just a few more bags than I need so I could store them up for later. With the 4 bags of cranberries I bought, I froze one bag for making muffins and such and the other three I boiled down to make cranberry juice. The carrots I cut up and put in the freezer.

Lord, I pray that you keep everyone safe and help those that are sick. In your name I pray, Jesus Christ, Amen!

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