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Well, we have reached week #40. Somehow this number 40 has been jumping out at me lately. I was elated when the temp today reached 40. I woke up this morning at 6:40. I guess the fact I will be tuning 40 in just over a month is bothering me more than I thought. Turning 30 was no big deal. I was so busy caring for a toddler and homeschooling my two other sons. It kind of just breezed by. But 40! It has made me take pause. I have been thinking of the times and of my childhood a lot. Also of where things are going and how things are changing. When I turned 30, my boys were 1,4, and 6 and now they are 11, 14, and 16. It is amazing what 10 years can do. Just look at my husband and I, when I was 30, we had been married for 7 years and this year we celebrated our 17th year of wedded bliss. I thank you Lord for giving me almost 40 years with my family and friends. I can't wait to see what comes next!

As for what’s been happening on the farm. It has been cold, almost too cold! This week we got two winter storms that delivered more than 6” of snow combined. Our biggest project for the week was making sure everything had a proper shelter. The barn of course is not finished with it’s remodel but we couldn’t wait. We moved all the meat chickens and both of my dairy goats, in milk, into it. I never thought I would have chickens in my goat barn. But I guess a homesteader just needs to roll with what needs to get done!

I took Goldie to be Artificially Inseminated on Thursday. I hoped to go help my friend with the procedure on Sunday but the weather and bad roads kept me home. I will update the Goat Pages once I get confirmation of pregnancy. May Mae results came back and she is pregnant. As I told you a few weeks ago she was live covered by a registered buck. So on my to-do list for this week is to send off May May registration papers. Then hopefully, when May delivers her kids in February they can be registered too.

As for in the kitchen, I have finally got a handle on all the dishes. I love having a clean kitchen! It makes me feel like inventing new recipes.

Thank you Lord, you made me, and without you I would not be who I am. In your name I pray, Jesus Christ, Amen

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