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Thank the Lord, it is raining! This Fall has been so dry and now it is finally raining as I sit here writing this week's Farmer Report. I was thinking the other day, as I was milking, that when it did finally rain, the soil would sing for Joy. I pictured little worms, screwing as fast as I could to the surface to feel the moisture on their faces. I imagined the roots of the trees and grass flexing and breathing a sigh of relief. I also saw myself thanking the Lord for the smell only a good rain can bring. And now it is here! I thank the Creator of all, for answering my prayers. Let's get to it!

On the homestead, breeding season continues! We picked May Mae up from the buck and I will draw blood today for a pregnancy test. We have officially started to feed hay because of this drought . Don't get me wrong this has been a beautiful Fall here in Wyoming but it is just not the same in the pasture without the rain. The older layer chickens are going through a hard molt. I am glad we are replacing all of these hens this year.

In the garden, the pumpkins are ripe. My oldest son and I picked them yesterday. Two of them are huge and probably weigh 20 pounds each. Now the whole garden is ready for the Fall cleanup. I plan to tuck all the beds in under a cover crop of clover or a thick layer of old hay. Winter is on its way!

In the kitchen, I'm still filling the shelves. This week my mother-in-law gave us some more tomatoes and the census is to turn it into chili sauce and barbecue sauce. Last year I made chili beans but I have decided if I just make the sauce it could be used for both chili and sloppy joes. As for the barbecue sauce, it is just another step closer to being more self-sufficient.

I want to thank you Lord for the rain and the abundance only you can provide in your name I pray, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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