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September usually marks the beginning of fall weather in Wyoming. We got a few much needed rain storms and the fall garden has begun to really take hold. I think fall is my favorite time of year. It is the time of the harvest not only for me but for others, including my family! I had the privilege and honor of helping my sister begin her adventure into canning. She grew an amazing garden this year and her abundance was desperately in need of being preserved. In doing this I actually got off the farm for a few days. I packed up my canning things and drove south with my mother. We stayed with my sister and her family half of Friday, all of Saturday, and then drove to meet my Men at Elk Camp on Sunday. I truly enjoyed the sense of community and love that only comes from working together as a family. I will remember it for the rest of my life!

On the homestead, with me leaving for a few days I had to not only pack myself but prepare the homestead for my departure. I was going to leave it in my Men's hands and with them leaving for elk camp, they were going to be leaving it for me to do alone when I got back. My husband and sons go every year to elk camp. It has become a wonderful tradition. We needed a plan and list written out so nothing would be forgotten. Thankfully I also found a milking sitter. Who is that you might ask, it is someone to milk for me while I am gone. My husband can do it of course, but he had plenty of other things to handle. I have a close friend who also raises dairy goats and we have a pack to milk sit for each other. This has been amazing for both of us. I loaded up my two girls that are in milk and took them to her house the day before I left. It was nice to have that worry checked off. The Men handled the rest of the chores and made things ready for me by filling up extra tanks for each of our sets of animals.

In the Garden, before I left I made sure to deep water everything and pick all the ripe things I could. A cold snap was expected so I showed several of my men how to cover everything just in case we might get a freeze.

In the Kitchen, I finished up my first batch of Green Chili Pork Sauce. It turned out amazing. I also froze any tomatoes that were ripe to build up a stock for canning. I tried to get all the dishes done but I lost that battle.

Getting away was amazing and to spend it with my sister and her family only made it better!

Lord, God, Thank YOU!

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