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Spring! Oh spring! I know there is a song by Bach called “Ode to Joy”. There should be a song called “Ode to Spring”. Maybe I should write a poem about spring. This week has been full of spring things, spring life. I think spring is my favorite season. We've had so many things that have made spring sing, the beautiful weather and time with the boys outside.

We have had so much fun growing your own food and being outdoors. I did get a little disappointed that we were not getting much rain. I had to put the sprinkler on the garden for the first time this year because it was getting a little dry. I will be honest, I was beginning to worry about a drought but now as I type, it's raining! The ground is wet and the grass is rejoicing. It has been a great week. So let's get to it.

On the Homestead, we had another goat kid. Sunday afternoon May Mae gave us two beautiful little boys. We're calling them Little Spot and Big Spot.

They weighed in at 10 lb each. We also got our goat girls and babies out on grass. The meat chickens are growing great. The moving of the new fence has just been a breeze. The new chicken tractor, I can't tell you enough, how easy this chore has become. In fact, I do the chores in the morning by myself. It's just amazing. The turkeys are growing too. We got them out on grass for the first time on Sunday. We also got our layer chicks in the mail. They are so fluffy and cute. If you want to see the breeds of the birds we have added to the farm this year, click here.

In the garden, we've been working on a lot of things. Saturday, we got all of our Tomatoes potted up to our big 4 inch blocks. It took a lot of potting soil. But the tomatoes now are looking and growing great and I can't wait to get them out in the garden. There's nothing like a garden tomato.

We also got the compost area a little more organized. We added a few more pallets to make some perfect four by four bins. We also made the piles taller and larger, instead of all spread out. Compost is a living being, it needs everything that a living being needs and the most important things are water, air and food! So by restacking our compost we added air and by watering it, as I told you we haven't had much rain, we gave those little organisms a drink. Our compost will start heating up quickly, in the next few days. I have a new compost series scheduled for next month. In the garden we also got all of our broccoli, cauliflower, peas, kale. and spinach planted. They are doing great, except the chickens did it get out for like 15 minutes and probably took four to five plants out. But I just tell myself, breathe, I do love eggs and so I'm not getting rid of my chickens. But the latch on the chicken coop door is definectly getting fixed!

In the kitchen, not much is happening! We're so busy outside. We have changed our menu plan to quicker and easier meals, like peanut butter and jelly and salads. Also leftovers on the weekend, instead of our usually big meal on Sunday. We're just so busy. I do enjoy it though!

Lord God, thank you for this time outdoors. Thank you for the blessing of rain today. Thank you for the busyness. Thank you for the distraction from the world, of what it is and what it is going to become! Lord, I asked you to lay your hands on all of those that are sick, all of those that need your guidance, and on those who are working, those who are continuing on every day in this world, this changed world! In your name I pray, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Pray, Just Plant!

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