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I am not going to talk about it. Well, I tried but I don’t understand our Country and other countries around the world. I completely understand that this virus is extremely dangerous. But, is not an over powerful government also very dangerous. People are so scared of becoming sick and I understand this virus is nothing to sneeze at but many are willingly giving over our rights and can’t wait for our government to take control and force people to do as they are directed. It will save lives they say. I truly believe this social distancing is helping to slow the virus but many are not satisfied with that. They want the government to take more and more control from its people. This is what truly scares me, what is this country going to be like when this thing is over. Are we going to have the rights we had before it happened or are they going to be gone. And worse yet will we see another depression as many people will be out of work for who knows how long and there is no money to buy anything. I told you I have been avoiding parts of Social Media. This is why, I see people angry at politicians that are hesitant about taking our rights away. I personally would not know what I would do if I was in their shoes, but I know I would not want to tell my grandchild that I was the cause of their lack of freedom in the future. That I was the cause of a huge government that can tell others what they can sell and who they can sell it to, or can force us to give up our business and lively hood because our jobs are not essential. My husband luckily can do most of his job from home. He stayed home two days this week partly because of the weather and partly because he fears exposing us to the virus. But both of those days he spent worried about his sales and wondering how much our pay check will suffer next month because he chose to stay home. I see his struggle and I am sure others are in the same situation. I see people focus on today and living in fear and are not seeing what their actions will do to all of our futures. I see the media blowing up the fear and not sharing the hope of survival. I decided to look up how many people were surviving and not focus just on how many people have died. It took me almost 40 minutes to find the information. This is sad, we have been a country of hope from the first pilgrims, who hoped to be free to worship God freely. I know I am not the most educated person, but I am truly scared about what this country and world will become. Sorry, I just had to talk about it.

On the homestead, we are all doing fine. On Wednesday we were blessed with about 4” of snow. I love snow in the Spring, maybe not the cold, because the snow will slowly melt into our hill. Too much rain will instead run off and end up in the burrow ditch by the road. Our nest trays came and George has figured out how to but them in our bucket nest system. Ebony is doing good. She has a small sore on her right teat. I am doctoring her three times a day with udder butter. We started our 135 days of Growing Our Own Food Series on our Facebook Page. Come on over and join the journey.

In the garden, I potted up all the tomatoes and Jalapeno Peppers. I started my Peas and more tomatoes. We got our soil test results, I will share the details in my Garden Planning Series. You can find the first blog here. In the kitchen I have continued to work on using up that huge cabbage I bought a few weeks ago. I made another Stir Fry but this time I used leftover spaghetti noodles and chicken. My husband deboned some thighs and legs off one of our whole chickens. I cut the spaghetti noodle into tiny pieces and fried them in lard to imitate chow main noodles. It was very good. I also made raisins for the first time. I bought some grapes a few weeks ago the boys ate a few of them and they were on the verge of spoiling when I found them. I had two choices, eat the whole bag myself or feed them to my chickens. They would not have gone to waste but with the times as they are I feel even giving them to the chickens was not the best use of them so I asked Mr. Google Pants and found a very simple recipe. I will share it soon. We also tried old fashion custard for the first time. My husband has had it a lot because his mother would make it often. But I personally have never made it. I made a Custard Pie without the crust. I want to make sure it was a hit before I took all the extra effort of making a crust. It was delicious, especially when I sprinkle the raisins I made on top of my piece. The boys gobbled it down. Tell next time.

Pray, Just Plant

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