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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

This week has been kinda same old same old. The weather has been great though. We even had a few days in the 50. In Wyoming we call this are “fools spring”. We will enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. Kyle, our oldest son, just turned 16. The weather was great for him to get some extra driving practice in. It is hard to believe sometimes that in just a few short years he is going to growing and moving on to his own life. It makes me feel sad. He has been my “Mister Reliable”. He is and has been always so eager to help me do so many little things, like open jars. I am going to need to get the younger two more involved. They will never replace Kyle’s fun loving and getter done attitude. But just maybe if I lean a little more on them, they can learn to handle more responsibility. Sorry, I have been feeling kinda sentimental this week.

As for on the Homestead, George is working on deciding what we are going to sheet rock this year. He has also been working on getting my seedling growing area updated. I can’t wait to have all my lights and shelves in their permanent place.  Ebony Girl is due to kid in a few weeks so I moved her to our kidding jug, so she will not have to compete for her food. She is loving the warmth of the barn. In the garden, the Onions have germinated. I will start more seedlings next week. Not much is happening in the kitchen. A friend did give me her lard pie crust recipe, I hope to try it. Tell next time.

Pray, Just Plant

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