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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

The weather this last week has been crazy for February. The week started out normal, in the subfreezing temp. Then this weekend we had temps in the 50. Yes, In the 50s. Everything began to melt. Now as I sit here typing we are back below freezing again and the wind is blowing fiercely out of the north, yelling, “ I’m Back!”

On the Homestead I continued to work on our grazing plan. I also research some electric fencing for the goats. I am finding it is all about the charger as they are ranked right up there with bulls as needing lots of voltage. I also think this year we are going to put the layer hen in to the mix so I was looking into poultry nets as well. It will get them out of their stationary coop and maybe add even more fertilization to our pasture. In this picture of our property and the property we rent from our neighbor, I have draw an approximate plan. The black lines our our permanent fencing. The Aqua blue is where the water lines are and hope to be. The blue lines outlines the first grazing of the horses. Then each will be broke apart by the red lines to show where the goats and chickens will go.

We also rent another property but because it is a few miles away it will only used for the horses.

The electricity is finished! We are almost ready for Sheetrock. But first, we are going to have to purge a few rooms of all the stored up stuff. When I designed the basement, I planned to only have two small storage rooms. I thought this would help us keep our extra stuff to a minimum. But for the last ten years we have been using the whole basement as a storage room. I think lots of things are going to get stored properly and the other things are going to just disappear. Wish me luck as I go through 10 years of stuff “we hoped to use someday”.

On the website I have put up a new member area. Here we hope to bring you along on our builds this year and share our plans, workbooks, guides and instructional videos.

In the garden I stared our first seedlings, Onions! I loved getting my hand it the dirt! Tell next time.

Don’t let the world hold you back. Pray, Just Plant!

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