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Have you ever had this goal in mind and seems like life itself is just getting in the way. It felt like that this week. I have a long list of things that need to get done before the next snow storm. But I spent more time off the farm this week than on it and we of course have to get school done. I feel like I am just spinning my wheels. Now I may not have finished my to-do list but we did get a few things done.

On the homestead, I took Goldie to spend some time with a buck. This trip did have a little hiccup as I slid off the road. Full detail on Facebook. It was very scary but my youngest son and I are fine, Thank the Lord! The goat barn is looking good as we got our first coat of paint on the interior. I have high hopes of getting this barn remodel done quickly. My girls need a warm place to go when the next snow storm hits.

We also got all of the meat chicken butchered. It was a job for sure! But the weather was beautiful this weekend and I found it was best to just get it all done in one day. When we usually butcher chickens we do a max of 12 just because getting them divided and in the freezer is such a big job. But this time we did all 27! My oldest and I got 8 whole chickens in the freezer right away. But today my goal is to get as many as I can piece done. This is a rough estimate but I am thinking this will add about 120ish pounds of meat to our freezers. Thank the Lord, for his bounty!

In the Garden, I did get our cover crops planted but I wanted to cover the rest of the beds with compost and loose hay. This was one chore on my list we didn’t get done this week! But I know we will get it done this week!

In the Kitchen, I am behind again. When my attention is turned to the out of doors the inside takes a back seat. I need to figure out a way to do both! I am sure this a struggle for all you worry if their barn is clean and don’t think how dirty their house is until company comes over!

Thank you Lord for your bounty, In your Name I pray, Jesus Christ , Amen!

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