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First week of school went well. As always, life as usual, tried to interfere but we got through the week with only a few things not completed. One being astronomy for my youngest son, with the smoke we have been having lately, we could see the stars. The first week is more about finding a balance of school and home life again, instead of just marking everything off. You can find more about our school homeschool schedule here. It didn't help that I again got off the farm for a couple days. I will tell you though a few days of rest and relaxation with a good friend we're so helpful at refilling my energy for this life of growing your own food. We talked about everything from breeding plans for my goats to how we could possibly raise our own beef. There is nothing like being around others who are involved in the homestead or farm life also. They understand the stress and toil of working hard to put the best food possible on your family’s plates. As to what I did while I was off the farm, I took my purebred Lamancha goats to the Blackhills Dairy Goat Show in Sundance, Wyoming. I took Amber, Goldie, and Ginger. I had a blast walking through rows of goats and the show was so worthwhile. I didn't win any grand prizes but I got to see how my girls are holding up to the standard. I also took my youngest son which gave us some great one-on-one time. I want to thank my husband for holding down the fort while I was gone. Let's get to it!

On the homestead, the meat chickens are ready to be moved out on grass as they turn 4 weeks old. I'm not sure getting a surprise chick with them was a good idea as it is not ready to be moved outside. I guess he will have to be raised as a single for a while but I did see that Tractor Supply had some baby chicks. I could get two or three to keep him company. I just can't decide.

Another reason I went to the goat show was to collect some semen for my girls I had bought from another breeder. Every few years a semen collecting company travels the United States collecting bucks as well as delivering semen from place to place. A friend and I purchased some semen from a beautiful buck out of Florida and this company delivered it to us at the show. This will extend my breeding plan for another year. I now have three years of boys ready for my girls in the tank. You can find more about my individual goats here.

In the garden, things are just maintaining after that hard freeze last week. It is not helping that we have not received any moisture since that storm so I had to water. The green beans and cauliflower are doing well and the pumpkins also are beginning to turn orange.

In the kitchen, I have boxes and boxes of produce to get preserved. A neighbor let us come over and pick apples a few weeks ago. I am thinking that the really big apples will be turned into apple pie filling and the rest will be cooked and made into apple butter. Appler butter is one of my favorite spreads. I can't wait! My husband and older sons went over to my mother-in-law's and picked grapes. My oldest says I have to restock the grape jelly first and foremost as it is his favorite jelly. If I have any left I need to restock our grape juice supply. I also checked on the green tomatoes from the garden and they are turning red. The root cellar needs pasta sauce ASAP. So that is the plan for the tomatoes until I have 24 quarts. I also need to braid my onions. Fall is so full of abundance!

Lord, thank you, for time with friends and the abundance of both heart and home!

Pray, Just Plant

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