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Summer is so busy. As I sit here writing this blog post, I have to admit, I am just a little exhausted. Summer is so full of projects, fun with the family on the homestead, and just so much. Plus, with the sun peeking her beautiful face in our window at 5 every morning, my day starts early and ends late just to beat the heat. We got so much done this week, let's get to it.

On the homestead, we moved the goat bottle babies all out on grass. They love being out in the sunshine. I saw our first fly. Flies are a nuisance especially around the milk station; they land on the girls legs, which makes them kick a little. It's not their fault, but milk does sometimes get spilt. That old adage “she kicked the bucket”, becomes literal.

We are finally starting our old chicken tractor conversion. We are remodeling it into a new layer chicken mobile. I can't wait to get wheels on it and spread the chicken love (poop) around our pasture!

In the garden, I am harvesting snow peas and spinach. We got our pumpkins finally planted. I placed a tarp over an area that I have been fighting bindweed in for years. I pulled the tarp and let me tell you, it did amazingly. The bindweed was all cooked and so easy to clean up. I planted the pumpkins in my three beds, then laid down a thick layer of newspaper and covered it with 1/2 cooked compost. I am going to beat the bindweed, I just know it.

In the kitchen, I promised to share my kitchen schedule. There really isn't much to tell except that whenever I have the extra energy I do dishes, then more dishes and then of course I'll cook a little. Which produces more dishes to do, an endless cycle.

Lord God, I thank you for this week of busyness. I know that I'm exhausted but it's an exhaustion of joy. I have joy in the things you've given me. I also ask you Lord to lay your hands on the sick, on the grieving. Also in our nation, Lord, on our leaders, on everyone in influence, our men and women in blue and our soldiers across the oceans that fight for our freedoms. Lord, in your name I pray, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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