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Cute baby goat alert! This week has been busy and busting at the seams. The weather has been great, which in Wyoming, means no snow. My old volleyball injury has been acting up a bit but it usually does every spring, when we are so busy going up, down, and across our hill. I know I have mentioned we live on a hill. Years ago when we purchased this little piece of hill, my husband and ., joked about how it was going to keep us young. I am starting to think it might be the opposite. Does, at least, keep us fit. Let’s get to the new baby we welcomed this week.

On the homestead, our doe Loretta Lynn kidded on Thursday, April 23. She gave us a 11 pound single doeling. She is the cutest little thing. We plan to keep her as a replacement doe, so we named her Doris Day. We do name all our goats but only the ones we keep do we give special name. Let me see if you can see how it fits with her mother’s name, Loretta Lynn, and her sister’s name May Mae. She is cute but if you put that aside, the reason we are keeping her is because she amazing length, a smooth well balanced shoulder, Straight long legs, she is a little narrow in the front, but has perfect teats. I don’t know if you know much about Boer but they can have some crazy looking teats. Her mother has two fish teats, which are not ideal.

As for the other animals on the homestead, we have moved the Cornish Cross on to grass and into their new chicken tractor and poultry netting. I think this poultry netting and new tractor are going to be a game changer. Already it has reduced the time it takes to move the Cornish Cross in half and it only took two of us to move them this morning. Our old tractor took all five us to move it. With the Cornish Cross out of the brooder, we moved the turkeys out of the house. We now have the house brooder ready for laying chickens we are expecting next week.  

In the garden, we got our potato starts in the ground. We also had enough bedding from cleaning out the brooder to mulch 5 paths between my beds. I have also started our pumpkins and watermelon seeds inside. The starts I hardened off last week are ready to be planted. I believe the weather will be perfect tomorrow for transplanting.

In the kitchen, I think I am mastering the whole chicken cooking. This week we again used a whole chicken for three different meals. The breast we used to make Chicken Fried Chicken, the thighs and legs were use to make honey chicken that I place over my own recipe of Fried Rice, and I pressure cooked the rest, bones and all and used the meat to make Mac n Cheese Chicken and a Chicken Salad.I also am saving the broth to make potato soup this week. I guess that was five meals.

Lord, God Almighty, please lay your hand on the world and help those that are sick and those who are morning their loved ones. I thank you, Lord, for the strength to grow our own food and for my families health. I your name, I pray, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Pray, Just Plant

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