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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

This week has been less stressful. I have been working on so many things and that has helped me keep my mind off the global pandemic. I also have been avoiding Facebook as it just seems to be full of depressing news. The weather has helped my mood immensely. I got outside a lot more this week. Spring is officially here.

On the homestead we are almost done with our Chicken House renovation. We have all the walls up and covered with plywood. My husband got the electricity wired and hooked up. The brooding room is completely done. I have ordered some new roll-out nests from Premier 1 and we are waiting on them to arrive for us to finish. One thing that has been nice is that my husband got to take a few days off. I would love to bring my husband home sometime in the future. He cooked three meals. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but it helped my out immensely. We also got our first batch of Cornish Crosses this week. I ordered 30 chicks but we had 4 fatalities on arrival. They are doing great. We got the pasture harrowed and the horses dry stalled to keep them off the new grass. We have also begun our Spring clean up. Here in Sheridan County, we have two free dump days. This is where those in the County can bring any extra trash to the city dump for free. The Free Dump Day is in three weeks so will be working hard to clean up around the homestead. The Garden Shed is part of my Chicken House so we had to pull everything out and I got rid of lots of trash and mice nests. I went through it and organized the shed. I love how easy it will be to find things.

In the garden, I got all the broccoli and cauliflower seedlings potted up and the tomatoes are beginning to germinate. The boys and I got a few beds cleaned up from last year and I laid down a few tarps to control weeds. I can’t wait to start planting my garden.

In the kitchen, I have been struggling to use up a huge cabbage I bought out of desperation when all the lettuce and veggies were gone. I did make one meal, that I kind of invented. It turn out delicious. Well, I loved it as I like veggies. Everyone else ate it because they had to. I think I am the only cabbage fan in the family. I made a deer burger/bacon ends Cabbage stir fry. I served it on rice. Tell next time.

Pray, Just Plant!

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