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Time to Stop Waiting!

I help women build a life away from the norm using modern homesteading techniques and my unique purposeful growing path so they don’t have to wait any long and can start growing right where they are today!

Ready to Find your Path to Purpose

God is calling you to pull away from the norm and create a life of purpose.
Each of my article, podcast episodes, and programs are going to lead you to a life away from the rat race, to one full of homegrown and homemade, and filled with wholeness, connection to family, and fully embraces your craving for
a simpler life of Purpose!

Purpose Starts with You, not just another growing process!

Step 1

Find Your Purpose

It is possible to break away from the world and not feel lost in the mundane of life 

Step 2

Build Habits
of Purpose

Growing everyday starts with a change of habits, not just the next growing method 

Step 3

Grow Your Purpose

Creating Purpose starts with finding and following your path to Purpose

Create Purpose where You Are Today!

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Don’t want your harvest to go to waste?

You don’t have to!


If you're feeling the overwhelm of not knowing what to do when harvesting and preserving your harvest, the Planning Beyond the Harvest Handbook is the perfect answer for you!


You will find:

  • An exact plan to follow that will stop the overwhelm in its tracks

  • Three simple steps that will help you harvest at the perfect time, enjoy and persevere your harvest and more!

  • Exclusive free training to walk you through each step too!


Hi, I am Crystal

I am a grower from way back who wants to help you grow your own food, break away from societies standards, and create a healthier, simpler life in your home!

My family and I have been growing our own homestead and now farmstead for the past 20 years and over the last three years the Lord has been asking me to reach out to others on their path to purpose. So that I can share the systems I use here at Red Ridge Farmstead to create abundance, peace of mind, and purpose with you. 

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Listen to the Pray, Just Plant Podcast

If you are looking for advice about growing a garden, a homestead, and closer to God so you can gain the knowledge to embark on your own growing journey and grow healthy options for your family's plates without having to deal with the stress of doing it alone, You will love to listen to this podcast.

Ready to start Finding Purpose in Your Life?

It is time to purposefully choose homegrown and get started on your growing journey!

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Where Do You Want To Grow Today?

This search bar will help you navigate the Red Ridge Farm Homestead website so you can find all your growing needs. 
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Stop Waiting and Start Growing Today

Follow the Purposeful Growing Path so you can start growing right now!
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