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Be Confident In The Knowledge And Skills It Takes To Improve Your Soil

Without playing the amendment game!

Let’s face it knowing exactly how to improve your garden soil feels like a battle you can win.
With the loads and loads of information out there on the web, you feel stuck at the bottom of the rabbit hole with no way out
You see answers or solutions after another but you still wonder,
Should this or that be what I should do next?

I know how you feel I have been down that road and all I felt was stuck in a loop of indecision!
Well, it is time to break that loop of self doubt and throw it away, because what if I told you that the true solution is not one solution but instead a path of understanding your soil from the foundation up! 
That right, starting by understanding your soil you will be able to pick a solution that is right for your soil. 
You are right that sounds overwhelming too but I promise you it is not! 


Hello Fellow Grower,

I am Crystal and I want to help you create purpose and homegrown in every part of your growing journey.

I have been growing food on our homestead now for 15 plus years and one of the problems I struggled with was finding direction in my growing journey.  

Before I figured out what my soil needed, I played the amendment guessing game. I would read book after book and I would find what I thought was a solution. I mean so and so said it worked for their garden so it just had to work for mine right??


I was so WRONG!


I even had a Professional Soil Test done but it was like reading Latin. I knew all the numbers were trying to tell me something profound but I had not learned to interpret them yet.


I thought for years I had been doing things right, but if I would have kept records back then I would have learned that each year my garden was actually producing less and less. After years of this pattern I found all the things I was adding were actually locking up nutrients that were already in my soil. How did I discover this?


That is simple, I began to listen to my soil. I found it was not just one solution but a combination of many things like; keep records, cover crops, no-till, and not expecting instant results. Soil takes years to build the ideal structure and texture. Let me tell you, all of this has become a game changer for me and my garden.


My soil now speaks to me and because I know how to listen, my garden is beginning to recover.


Do you want to uncover your soil secrets without spending years fumbling around like I did?


Perfect, because I feel it is my God-Given Purpose to share with you what I have learned.


And, that is why I have created "Soil is Your Foundation". This course teaches growers the fundamentals of building soil structure and texture so they no longer have to deal with the frustration of guessing.

Let Me Show You How to do the Same!

Ready to take Action!

Soil Plan

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Soil Foundations



Valid for 12 months

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