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Are you right about to pick your harvest but are worried about messing it up or wanting to know just the right tips and tricks you can do to make sure the picking of the harvest goes just like you dreamed it did. That is what we are going to talk about today. We are going to talk about why you feel that heaviness at this point in your growing journey. We are going to talk about some different tips that can help you pick at just the right time and even some tools you can use to make the harvest go as planned. Let's get growing!

Quick Links

Romans 8:1-4

Time Stamp

Intro 01:02

Feeling the Weight 02:38

Knowledge is Key 10:31

Picking at Peak 12:31

Tips and Tricks 13:55

Check you Garden Daily 16:36

Harvest in the Morning 22:22

Harvest Carefully 23:09

Bad Fruit as You Pick 25:23

Pick Regularly 25:55

Growing with God 26:38

Keeping Track 36:28

Huge is Not Better 41:05

Using the Right Tools 42:15

Recap 48:32

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