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Welcome to the Red Ridge Farm Weekly Tips and Tricks. Today we are going to be talking about perennial maintenance. What types of task should be including in your garden plan and more. Let's get growing!

Most of the time a garden plan only focuses on the annuals but when you are homesteading you may have a few perennials too. By planting your perennial close to the garden you create more abundance.

Perennials can bring in more pollinators to your garden. I personally have lined my garden with roses because they bring in the bees and give me joy. And perennials need to be taken care of too. They need to be fertilized, mulch, pruned, harvested, and much more.

So by adding my perennials to the garden and garden plan I can keep them present in my everyday task. Want to learn more about making a garden plan that goes beyond a simple drawing check out the Basic Garden Planning Master Class.

If you are unsure of where to begin when it comes to making a garden plan that help with your whole garden be sure to check out my new Basic Garden Planning Master Class.

Have a blessed day,


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