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Growing Food is one thing, but having the ability to walk out to the barn and collect fresh steaming milk is another. Today we are going to be talking about how you can start. Start a mini dairy and start milking and bringing that fresh from your own homestead to your family's table. Let's get growing!

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Show Notes

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Time Stamps

Intro- 00:51

Find Your Goals First- 01:40

Choose Your Animal Type- 04:19

Tips and Trick- 10:22

Build Your Infrastructure First- 13:17

Decide on Your Feed Program- 16:52

Waste Management Systems- 20:20

Purchase Your Animal- 22:28

Growing with God- Romans 8:22-25- 28:35

Animal Husbandry- 32:09

Dairy Equipment- 31:41

Recap- 38:42

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