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Today in this episode we are going to talk to a fellow grower. Some one who is in the trenches of growing right now. She is going to show us how have a little time to yourself. Taking care of yourself can help you on your growing journey and even help others. Let's get growing!

I want to thank Virginia Switzer for joining me in this interview. She has blessed us with her growing journey. She gave us so much insight into what it is like to be on a growing journey in the time of young children and an urban environment. It is so amazing how she sees how spending that time on yourself is still growing your family. Spending that time on yourself in your garden is not only growing you but also your children and your family. And growing healthy food for your family is just an added bonus.

Virginia promised to share a few pictures of her garden. So below is a galley of her garden memories!

I want to thank you all for joining Virginia and I today and as always;

Don’t let the world hold you back, Pray, Just Plant!!

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