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Updated: Apr 11

Adding Animals to Your Homestead

Are you ready to add animals to your homestead this season? Before you make any decisions, you should take a step back and ask what should be added first. Homeowners who are new to homesteading are often surprised to learn that animals aren’t the first step. Adding animals to your homestead requires dedication, hard work, and planning. This blog post will explain why animals should be a secondary step in building your homestead and what should be prioritized ahead of them. 

Main Points

  • Assess Your Land and Its Resources

  • Consider What Animals Will Benefit Your Homestead

  • Consider How Much Time You Can Dedicate

  • Research Care and Feeding for Each Animal

  • Consider What Other Infrastructure You'll Need 

Resources Mentioned:

Permaculture 101 Guide

If you want to add animals to your homestead, you should first assess your land and resources, consider what animals will benefit your homestead, take into account how much time you can dedicate and research the care and feeding for each animal, and consider what other infrastructure you’ll need. This blog post has laid out the steps you should prioritize before you make any decisions about what animals you should add to your homestead.

You now have the information needed to make a decision about what animals should be added to your homestead. After you have taken these steps, you’ll be ready to make informed decisions about the best animals to add to your homestead. 

And what better to help you then an eBook that will help you with every step of developing a homestead focusing on permaculture design!

Don’t let the world hold you back,

Pray, Just Plant

Adding Animals to Your Homestead

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