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Image by Amy Humphries

Red Ridge Honey Golden Ale

Red Ridge Farm


Red Ridge Honey Golden Ale

Date Of Birth: April 20, 2019



                  Sire's Sire: ++*B K-Lou Superstar

Sire: ++*B K-Lou N. Golden Ace

                  Sire's Dam: 2*M GCH K-Lou Honeydew

                  Dam's Sire: *B South-Fork Xavier's Denver

Dam: M.A.'s Amber Ale

                  Dam's Dam: The Silver Moonshine


Registered LaMancha Doe

Goldie is beautiful graceful doe. She is tall and has very feminine form and style. She is a perfect example of today's more slender LaMancha frame.


Age in Photo: 1 year 2 months

Breeding Plan

Screenshot 2021-03-29 102626.png

2021-- Buck: Blue Yonder Prince Charming  Due: June 13, 2021 Price: $150

Kidded: June 10, 2021  ~ 2 Bucks  1 Doeling

Reservations: 2 Bucks Sold ~ 1 Doeling Reservation: N/A

Sir Aurthur.PNG

2022-- Milked Through

2023-Buck: Blue Yonder Sir Arthur  Due: May 31, 2023

Price: $250 Bucks Doeling$250

Kidded: May 30th, 20231~  Bucks  2 Doelings

Reservations: 1 Buck Sold~  2 Doeling Reservation: Sold

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