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Are you struggling to figure out what you are going to do with all of your garden produce harvest season?? And you made it your goal to not let anything go in the compost pile this year??


As growers we tend to focus on only the growing. But was not your goal at the beginning of this growing season to fill your larder with fresh homegrown produce. When we get focused on growing we forget about the harvest and what we are going to do when it is ready.


I know I have felt this way too. 


And that is why I went searching for the solution!


What I found is that we need to be making a plan for our harvest while the veggies are still growing in the garden.


So that when they are ready to pick I am ready to put that produce on my family’s plates. 


Since that time I have developed a step by step process and I want to share it with you.


I am so excited to show how you can make a plan for harvest and beyond!


That today for 6 hours only, I am sharing with you my Planning Beyond the Harvest Planner Bundle!


Inside the The Planning Beyond the Harvest 3 for $49 Bundle you will find:

  • Planning Beyond the Harvest eBook Planning Beyond the Harvest eBook empowers gardeners by giving them the knowledge to pick their produce at peak, to plan for beyond the harvest, to gain insight into preserving and storing their harvest and recipes to help them put the harvest on the table for their family to enjoy! ($37)


  • The Garden Harvest Planner - designed to help you make a plan for your harvest by making a harvest schedule and more! (Value $87)

  • The Planning Beyond the Harvest Planner- designed to help you make a plan to preserve, cook, and eat your harvest once you bring your harvest to your kitchen. (Value $87)

That is a total of almost $211 for just




P.S. Your eBook will be availabe on your reciept and your planners will be confirmed in an addition email so be on the look out. 

Planning Beyond the Harvest 3 for $49 Bundle

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