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Updated: May 17, 2023

As growers it is easy to get stuck in the growth of others and the products you grow but what about the question, "Are you growing too?" Our personal growth can sometimes be overlooked. It is easy to see a seed sprout or your child grow 6 inches in one summer.

Today in this episode I want to have a little chat about how cultivating a successful growing journey means you need to grow too. You need to develop a Growth Mindset of building habits, continuing your education, and including you in your growing journey. Let's get growing!

Main Points

  • Growers need a Growth Mindset

  • What Is a Growth Mindset

  • Growth Feeds on Habits

  • 3 Tips for Building Habits

Resources Mentioned:

Grow with Habits Checklist, Get Your Copy Below

Growth starts with making small changes continuously over time, aka Habits, that will add up to huge results. To help you start implementing habits in your day to day you can use the three simple tips that I mention in the Episode above or that I place in a simple checklist that is available for you to download.

Growth takes time, will power, and of course discipline. But also a little determination. To learn more about including You in your growing journey be sure to check out the Purposeful Growing Success Path.

Don’t let the world hold you back,

Pray, Just Plant

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