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When growing a Fall Garden you need to ask yourself these three questions!

Welcome to the Red Ridge Farmstead

Weekly Tips and Tricks Live. Today I am going to be asking you the three most important questions you need to answer when making a Fall Garden Plan for Yourself.

In this week’s live I share with you a quick overview of planning a Fall Garden. When it comes to planning there are a few questions that you will need to answer before you get started planning.

When is your First Frost Date of the Year?

How many days away is this Date?

How long until your current crops come to harvest?

Then once you know the answer you can start figuring out what you can plant after your summer crops are done for the season. This can seem daunting but I have a question for you.

Are you ready to start planning a Fall Garden?

Perfect! I have designed a brand new Grow with Me VIP Course to help you on your journey.

The Growing with Me: Fall Garden Growing from Planning to Harvest VIP Course is designed to help growers navigate the details of planning and planting a Fall Garden without having to deal with the overwhelm not knowing when to start growing. In this Grow with Me VIP Course you will walk through 10 weeks of learning:

How to make a planting schedule for Fall Garden

How to germinate cool tolerant seeds in the heat of Summer

Which Varieties you should include in your Fall Garden

How to fit your Fall Garden in your Current Summer Garden

Want to learn more about my new t-shirt line then go to Shop!

Have a blessed day,


When growing a Fall Garden you need to ask yourself these three questions!

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