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What pig is right for your homestead?

There are many incredible breeds that have been developed, from small breeds to large breeds. In this episode we will explore the amazing evolution of pig breeds, dive into heritage breeds, and uncover which are right for the homestead growing model! Let’s get growing!

Main Points

  • How Pigs have Changed

  • Why they have Changed

  • The Homestead Pig

Resources Mentioned:

Raising the Homestead Pig by Jerome D. Belanger- You will have to check your local library

Pigs have been around for thousands of years, and have been bred for many different purposes. Through the process of domestication and breeding, the humble pig has been transformed into a wide variety of breeds, from small ones suitable for homesteading, to larger breeds that are ideal for large-scale agriculture. It's an incredible story, and this podcast episode has only just scratched the surface of it!

Don't let the world hold you back,

Pray, Just Plant

Heritage Homestead pigs

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