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Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Every garden is started with seeds and every garden plan needs the information off the back of the seed packet. But how does a gardener keep track of all this information without becoming overwhelmed? I have learned several secrets over the years that have helped me and I want to share them with you. Let’s get growing!

In this episode, I’m going to talk about Seed Information Overload and how to avoid it. Every garden plan starts with what seeds we chose to grow. But dealing with all that seed information can be overwhelming. I am going to share with my secrets to dealing with all this information so that when you sit down to make your garden plan you don’t need be circled by seed packets to get things done!

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Time Stamps: Timestamp #1 - Secret #1 – Your Seed Information Is Vital - 00:46 Timestamp #2- Tips and Tricks- Curing the Growing Craving- 05:53 Timestamp #3 - Secret #2 –Why You Need One Place to Organize your Seeds - 07:43 Timestamp #4- Growing with God- How He Make Us Beautiful- 17:59 Timestamp #3 - Secret #3 – Red Ridge Farm Seed Variety Tracker- 22:16

Episode Lead Magnet: Want my help taking action? Grab my the Red Ridge Farm Seed Variety Tracker that I developed to help gardeners keep all of their seed information in one place by clicking here:

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Mission Statement- Our Mission at Red Ridge Farm is to help other attain food stability and security through timeless education and this podcast is just one way we hope to help you put healthy food on your family's plates and God in your hearts.

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