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Are you ready to create more abundance on your homestead?

Homesteads are not huge areas of land any more but small farms or even back yards. And are areas of growth where families are hoping to grow their own food in however much space they have. And that is why today, in this blog series on the Ultimate Homestead Design Guide, I want to help you connect the principle of permaculture with your homestead so that you can grow more and receive an abundance you never knew you were missing out on. Permaculture can seem intimidating but can easily be broken down into the connections that you probably already know about, you just need to make those connections work for you.

But first let’s talk in this first blog post of this series let's talk about goal setting. Because every homestead should start with a vision first!

How To Achieve Your Homestead Goals

Achieving goals on the homestead and in life starts with you and who you are. Now I can do a lot of typing here about goals or you can listen to this podcast episode! I am going to talk about these topics:

Making Our Goal List Manageable

Don't Hesitate to Push Yourself

Be Specific

Write Your Goals Down

Tell Others

Breakdown Your Big Goals

Get Started

1% Change Everyday

Now once you have an idea of what you want your homestead to give you, let's talk about permaculture and what the 12 principles of Permaculture are. That is what you and I are going to talk about in the next installment of the Ultimate Homestead Designing Guide Blog Series.

Have a blessed day,


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