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Today we are going to talk to a fellow grower, someone just like you. She is going to share with us how to measure success on our growing journey. What is the cost? What are the rewards? And how to find success in the little things. Let’s get growing!

I want to thank Theresa Shaw for joining me in this interview. Her and her family’s growing journey is a blessing for all who hear it. She shares with us the cost and rewards of growing, from the hard work to the time spent with family. Even how growing your own food can teach children that everything you eat has a story or a memory connected to it. And how knowing that story brings everything together in a connected circle of life.

Here are a few pictures of Theresa's family farm and a brief description of what they do. Because not only do they grow food but they also grow it for others to enjoy!

Shiloh Valley Farm is a small, integrated, and sustainable family farm dedicated to providing healthful foods and products to their customers. That could be if you! Go to their website to learn how.

They raise animals and plants as closely as they can to the way God intended. That means their animals are raised on pasture in fresh air and sunshine. They do not feed GMOs or use chemicals on their farm.

They sell pastured gourmet Berkshire pork, grass-finished chevon from Boer and Nubian goats, grass-finished lamb from Icelandic sheep, eggs from pastured, heritage breed chickens, heirloom vegetables and fruits grown with organic methods, and wholesome baked goods.

You can find them locally at the Landon’s Farmers Market every Saturday! You can click here to see the schedule.

And if you like to follow Theresa on social media.

Thank you for joining Theresa and I today. I truly appreciate you.

Don’t let the world hold you back,

Pray, Just Plant

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