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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

First, I want to thank Landon's Greenhouse and their owners for letting us come on site for this interview. And thank you Hana for answering all my questions!

Interview with Hana Collins, Landon’s Greenhouses Perennial Manager

In this interview I got to speak with Hana Collins, Landon’s Greenhouse’s Perennial Manager. She is a Master Gardener and has been with Landons since 2019. She strives to keep the perennial floor clean and stocked with a variety of perennials we all love. She is also in charge of ordering and stocking all the plants needed by Landon's fantastic landscape crew.

Landon’s Greenhouse and Nursery was founded in 1979 by Jack and Kathy Landon on 4 acres northeast of Bighorn, Wyoming. The garden center was added across from the College in 2000.

This new facility is at 505 College Meadows Drive. The old location now has 7 greenhouses and is used to grow the beautiful plants we all love.

Landon’s Greenhouse is currently owned by Keith Kershaw, Jennifer Kershaw, Phil Gilmore, Jenelle Gray, and Zachary Kershaw!

In short, Landon's Greenhouse is amazing. They have great annuals, perennials, and trees for my growing area. They also have an amazing landscape team that will help with every type of project, big or small. I can't say enough, Landon's just amazing!

Do you want to see how wonderful Landon's is for yourself? You can check out their website or visit their store which is located on 505 College Meadow Drive in Sheridan Wyoming.

I hope you guys enjoy my conversation with Hana as much as I did!


My takeaways!

Landon’s is more than a place to find a few plants. They are a place you can find everything when it comes to starting any type of garden. I purchase all of my trees and perennials from them and before I began starting my own veggies, all of my veggies starts too. In fact, I get most of my seeds and supplies for starting my own seedlings from them as well. They are my one stop shop for everything!

Landon’s surprises me all the time with the different varieties they add each year. I am always finding something new. You may have seen the first plant Hana shared in the interview. I have fallen in love. That plant is on my list to add to the garden next year for sure. I love the beauty and frilliness of its blossom.

My last takeaway is that Landon’s and all of it’s crew are ready to help you with any question you might have. I know I personally have taken photos of my plants to ask questions from and spent hours talking and learning from several different owners and employees. Another thing I love about Landon’s is that they understand kids are going to get antsy while mom stands for hours asking questions so they have even included a play area for the kids with swings and a slide.

Tour of Landon's Greenhouse

While on location, I couldn't help but take a tour of their perennial gardens. I know I came home with some more plant ideas I can't wait to add to my own flower garden! Don't worry my photographer (my husband) took some great pics so I could share them with all of you.

One thing I want to say before I go is this;

My #1 tip when it comes to purchasing plants is to always go to your local growing centers! The big box stores are never stocked with the appropriate plants for your growing area and are usually poorly cared for. It is very important to pick plants and trees that will thrive in your climate and growing zone. I promise you, you will never get the help or the best plants at the big box stores. Till next time

Pray, Just Plant!

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