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Ready to Bring Your Harvest to the Dinner Table?

Stop wasting the food you worked so hard to grow
Start placing your harvest on your family's plates everyday!

You are a Grower

and you thought all you needed to do was grow homegrown food for your family for them to get the benefits of healthy food everyday.

And now you are struggling to answer this simple question

How do I put that healthy food on my family's plates everyday?

Growing is only the first step to providing your family with healthy food. The next bigger step is to get that homegrown deliciousness on your family's plate. This step can feel overwhelming and just down right stressful.

Just how do you get this delicious food on your family's plates?

The solution is going to need a plan for...

  • Picking Your Harvest at Peak

  • Preserving Your Harvest for Later

  • Making a Plan to Utilize Your Harvest Everyday

  • And More!!!

    But what if there was a tool out there that took the guessing out of this plan and laid out every step. 


Hello Fellow Grower,

I am Crystal and I want to help you make a plan for your harvest and beyond!

I have been growing food for my family now for 15 plus years and one of the problems I struggled with was getting the delicious food I grew out of the garden and on to my family's plates. 

I can vividly remember a time when I had an amazing green bean crop. I had green beans coming out of every drawer in my fridge and even every bowl I could find was full. But I'm going to tell you right now, with a heavy heart, that three-quarters of those beans went to the chickens.


I was new to preserving food, so while those beans sat in my fridge, I was researching how to preserve them. I wasn’t sure if I should freeze or pressure-can them. On top of that I had to make a trip to the store and search for supplies once I figured out my preserving method. I had chosen to freeze them because, I will admit it, I was scared of my pressure cooker back then. So, I rushed off to the store to get freezer bags, while my beans continued to sit in the fridge.


Guess what I found at the grocery store, like two boxes of the pint freezer bags I needed and a bunch of gallon bags that were too big. I traveled to several stores and let me tell you I was lucky to find the two I did. (Hint: I was not the only Gardner out looking for bags last minute. Plus everyone was getting ready for school to start on top of that) So, I returned home with my two boxes and got about half of them in the freezer that night. The next day I worked on the rest. However, because I had waited so long in getting this done the first two bags I picked weeks ago went directly to the chickens covered in mold. 


But that is not even the worst of it!


The beans that were stored in the wrong size bag freezer burnt quickly and had to be thrown away within 3 months. After tasting freezer burnt beans, I was weary of using them at all. 


Well, that brings me to the next point and why more of these beans sadly went to the chickens.


I didn't know how to use frozen green beans in my recipes. I had many recipes that use canned green beans but not frozen. I knew I needed to find some new recipes or experiment with them. But, when was I going to fit that into my already busy schedule. When I made supper I had just enough time to get it on the table and then run off to the next event. Raising three boys is time consuming with all the running from here to there. 


The truth is, all of this could have been solved by simply planning for the harvest and beyond.

Let Me Show You How!

Image by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography

The Planning Beyond the Harvest Planner is designed to make planning for the harvest a breeze even for busy growers!


Just imagine how it would feel if you could.... 

Know exactly what you are going to do with your harvest right after you bring that harvest into your kitchen instead of it sitting on your counter waiting for you to have a plan!

Put your healthy harvest on your family's plate everyday of the week even on the busiest of weekdays!

Stop letting your harvest go to waste either to the compost or just sit on your shelves because you don't know what to do next so that you can enjoy your harvest!

Actually feel excited about what's for dinner because you grew it too!

Know exactly what is for dinner instead of staring at your cupboards at 5:30pm stressed beyond measure because you do not know where to start!

Feel less pressure to buy unhealthy food at the grocery store because you know you are only there for a few things to fill out your homegrown meals that you raised for your family!

 In Fact depend less on the grocery story for every meal you cook!

Here is an audio recording of a section of my Interview with Virginia Switzer. Here she shares her greatest struggle and how the planning for the harvest series has helped her! Give it a listen!

Introducing the Planning Beyond the Harvest Planner

The planner that will help you go from no plan to one that will put your harvest on your family's plates!

The Planning Beyond the Harvest Planner is the first planner designed specifically for growers so that you know exactly what to do with your harvest in the busiest of harvest season, put healthy homegrown food on your family's plates everyday of the week, and to stop letting your harvest go to the compost pile.
Store Mockups (11).png
Store Mockups (6).png
Store Mockups (7).png

The Planning Beyond the Harvest Planner

This Planner focuses on helping you, the grower, make a unique plan for your harvest. By going through the 8 step plan you will know exactly what you are going to do with your produce at harvest, how you will utilize what you do preserver, and how to make a meal plan that starts with your larder first!
~ Section 1 ~

The How To Steps

Walk you through the 8 steps of how to make a plan for beyond your harvest from how to keep preserving notes to tips for how to use the tools in this planner to help you make a meal plan for your family!

~ Section 2~

Preserving Notes

The perfect place to write down all of your preserving ideas and notes for preserving your harvest in one place so that you can get all of your supplies and recipes ready before you harvest!

~ Section 3 ~

Harvest Recipes

Give you beautiful recipe cards so that you can write down all of your preserving recipes, your favorite family recipes and the recipes you are going to use to put your harvest on your family's plates

~ Section 4 ~

Meal Planning

Is a monthly undated calendar to help you make a meal plan for your family, so that you will have all you need on hand to cook delicious food when that 5 pm Crazy hour occurs everyday.

Here is a Peek Inside

Exclusive Bonus.... 

Your Harvest Planner

This planner focuses on giving growers a tool to keep track of all of your harvest dates, planting dates, and anything that needs done in the garden and a place to put all of your harvest details for all the different products you grow!

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Do You Have a Plan for Your Harvest?? 

That seems like an interesting question, doesn't it? But the answer is that many gardeners or even homesteaders don’t. They spend days or even months planning for the growing and caring and either feel the harvest will take care of itself or feel they won’t get much of a harvest so what is the point?

But the truth is that the harvest accounts for more than half of the work homesteader or gardener does in a year! And without a plan, much of their harvest will go to waste before it reaches the kitchen!


The Your Harvest Planner will…..


  • Stop your harvest waste in its tracks

  • Make Harvesting at Peak a Cinch

  • Create a Harvesting Schedule that is simple to follow everyday

  • And so much more

But you will not find this Planner with the Beyond the Harvest anywhere on my website together and at this price!


Grab it now before your time is up on this amazing offer!

Ready to Start Making a Plan for your Harvest?

In All You Get:

Complete Instructions for Using the physical, colorful, planner

Pages Set Up so that you can Brainstorm Ideas for Preserving your Harvest

Recipes Cards so that You can Write down all of your favorites

Tools and Planning Spreads to make Meal Planning a Breeze for your busy family

Also the Your Harvest Planner that will take the stress out of picking you best harvest for your family!

Price Bought Separately= $134
Your Price= $67 

I want to thank you for your time. And remind you that this deal is only available as a complete bundle by clicking above. I do not offer this deal to everyone who visit my store. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how Red Ridge Farm Homestead can help you on your growing journey email me or go to my website,

Have a blessed day,

Crystal Mediate

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