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Your goal this year has been to start a garden. You have visualized and counted yourself in your plan. Now you need to choice your garden style. Today we are going to be talking about your garden style or the three garden styles that are most commonly used; Rows, Permanent Beds, or Raised Beds. We are going to define each and how you can choose which one is best for you. Let's get growing!

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Time Stamps

Intro 00:53

What is Growing Styles 01:38

How Planting Style are Different 02:13

Row or Tilled Garden Style 03:43

Tips and Tricks 06:02

Permanent Bed Style 10:02

Raised Beds Style 14:12

Growing With God 16:31

Your Choice is About You 22:36

Multiple Methods 26:32

Recap 30:45

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