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Today we are going to continue our journey about Food Forests. We are going to get into the 7 layers, well actually 8. Did you know there was an 8th layer. I am going to be sharing that with you and more. Let's get growing!

Food Forest

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Time Stamps

Intro 00:38

What is a Permaculture Orchard/Forest 00:51

Canopy Layer 03:50

Sub Canopy 06:15

Tips and Tricks- Baby Chick Care 07:10

Shrubs 10:02

Herbaceous Layer 11:51

Ground Cover 13:07

Root Layer 14:03

Growing With God-2 Timothy 1:7- 15:05

Vining Layer 19:48

8th Layer 21:13

Different Types 24:27

Master Class 30:35

Recap 31:43

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