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Start Taking Small Steps in Using Permaculture on Your Homestead today!    

Introducing the Permaculture 101 Guide for Growers!

Are you looking to dive into the basics of permaculture, create more abundance while saving time so you can get started using permaculture principles in your garden and homestead without feeling overwhelmed by the huge system permaculture seems to be?


Inside the Permaculture 101 Guide I am going to show you how to break through the overwhelm, and exactly how to break down permaculture into actionable steps you start doing today!

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Hello my name is Crystal Mediate and I am a co-owner of Red Ridge Farm. And your mentor when you jump inside the Permaculture 101 Guide!
Do you want to stop the Overwhelm of the Permaculture big system and break it down?

Do you want to find the Confidence to take the next steps?

Do you want to avoid the worry that you are under qualified to start using permaculture principles on your homestead?


Then the Permaculture 101 Guide is for You!
I have spent years growing and building our homestead but my family wanted to stop wasting resources and tap into the system God designed. We wanted to build a homestead that not only grew more, but saved us time too because it used systems that work with nature instead of against it. But first we need to dive into the answers that permaculture could give us. 
But the very first thing we promised ourselves
was that we were not going to get lost in the myth that permaculture was too big for a little homestead but instead just tap into each principle one at a time. This allowed us to get started with little stress, goals, and a path to success. 
I want that FOR YOU!
That is why inside the Permaculture 101 Guide I have included a complete outline of the basics of permaculture so that
you can break through the myth and start using permaculture with confidence on your homestead.
Are you Ready to Grow more for Your Family with Less Work?

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When you sign up, You will get…..


Access to the complete Permaculture 101 Guide for Growers filled with tips for:


  • Learning the basic to get started

  • How to break the huge system of Permaculture into actionable steps

  • Take the Overwhelm out of Permaculture

  • Find tools to Save You time in Your Garden and Homestead

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