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Basket of Organic Vegetables

Feeling overwhelmed by your upcoming harvest?     

You don’t have to!

Introducing the Farm to Fork eBook!

For Growers who want to learn to pick their favorite veggies at just the right time and how as well as have a few recipes up their sleeves so they can provide their best harvest for their family without spending loads of time in the kitchen.


Inside the Farm to Fork eBook I am going to show you how to break through the overwhelm, and give you the exact planning beyond the harvest plan for your favorite veggies!

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Here is an audio recording of a section of my Interview with Virginia Switzer. Here she share her greatest struggle and how the planning for the harvest series has help her! Give it a listen!


Hello my name is Crystal Mediate and I am a co-owner of Red Ridge Farm.

And your mentor when you jump inside the Farm to Fork eBook!

Do you want to know what to do with all of those delicious fruits and vegetables that are growing right now?

Do you want to learn how and when to pick your harvest at just the right time for best flavor and nutrition?​


Do you want someone to break it down and give it to you straight?

Then the Farm to Fork eBook is for You!

Before I figured out that I needed a plan for beyond the harvest, I played the " my harvest is ready now what game". I would spend hours researching what to do with my harvest. I would see my fridge full of produce but wonder to myself, "what if I mess it all up " This indecisiveness would lead to my harvest wasting away. What else could my harvest do while I took days or even weeks trying to figure out what to do next.

I don't want that FOR YOU!


That is why inside the Farm to Fork eBook I have included all the tips for picking, preserving, cooking each of my favorite recipes so you have all the answers at your fingertips and don’t have to scour the web like I did. 


Are you Ready to Harvest your Produce at just the right time and more?


When you sign up, You will get…..


Access to 9 instructional chapters filled with tips for:


  • Learning how to pick and harvest 9 of the most popular fruits and veggie you are already growing

  • Find the best methods for preserving each veggie you harvest before you pick it so you will be ready with all your supplies

  • Have a few recipes for you family that ties it your preserving method for each of the veggies, includes a few fresh from the garden recipes too

  • Provide you best harvest for your family because you will have a plan so nothing will go to waste

Store Mockups (18).png
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