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Garden Soil

Your Soil Holds the Secret! Understand Them Today!

Introducing the "What is Your Soil Saying" 
eBook  for Growers!

Are you looking to test your garden so that you can either see what amendments you need or better yet understand your soil so you can find the best solution without hunting the internet for a possible answer?


Inside the What is Your Soil Saying eBook I am going to show you how to break through the overwhelm, and exactly how to do the Top Three Soil Tests so you can find the right solution for your soil today!

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Hello my name is Crystal Mediate and I am a co-owner of Red Ridge Farm. And your mentor when you jump inside the What Is Your Soil Saying eBook!​​


Do you want to take action to understand your soil?


Do you want to find the Confidence to test your soil without being overwhelmed?


Do you want to avoid the worry that you feel when you don’t know where to start?


Then the What is Your Soil Saying eBook is for You!


I have spent years growing and building my garden here on my homestead but when I started growing I played the amendment guessing game because I felt overwhelmed by soil tests. I would see those little gadgets in the Big Box stores and wonder how they could possibly work. I avoided them until I started seeing noticeable reductions in my harvest year after year. So I broke down and bought those little cheap tests. Let me tell you, reading them was like reading latin. Plus I found out they were not an accurate way of testing my soil because they only test for the big three amendments and forget about the other 12 micronutrients. 


I know you want to avoid these problems I had and that is why you are wondering if the eBook is for you. 


If you want to know the best ways to test your soil without wasting time and money. 


Yes, It is FOR YOU!


Inside the What is Your Soil Saying eBook I have included a complete outline of three best and easiest tests that you can do to understand your soil’s needs. 


Are you Ready to Know What Your Soil Needs Without Playing the Amendment Guessing Game?

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When you sign up, You will get…..


Access to a complete Soil Testing Instruction for Growers filled with tips for:


  • Learn how to complete each test

  • Learn what each test is going to help you solve

  • How to find the answers to your soil Problems

  • Find the Solution that is Best for your Soil

Store Mockups (22).jpg
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