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Start Creating an Income from What you Love to Grow!

Introducing the Business Plan Outline for Growers!

Are you looking to make an income from your homestead so that you can either fund your dream homestead or better yet make it easier for you to spend all day doing and growing what you love?


Inside the Business Plan Outline I am going to show you how to break through the overwhelm, and exactly what your Business plan needs so you can get started today!

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Hello my name is Crystal Mediate and I am a co-owner of Red Ridge Farm. And your mentor when you jump inside the Business Plan Outline!


Do you want to know what to learn about what your business needs to get started right now?


Do you want to find the Confidence to get Your Growing Business started?


Do you want to avoid the worry that you are under qualified to start a business on your own?


Then the Business Plan Outline is for You!


I have spent years growing and building our homestead but my family wants to do more with what we grew. We wanted to build a business so that we could create an income, yes but also to teach our children about being entrepreneurs and what it takes to build a business from the ground up. But first we need to answer the Question,


“Will my Business Idea Grow?”


The only way to answer this question was to build a business plan for our Growing Business Idea. This allowed us to get started with little start up money, goals, and a path to success. 

I want that FOR YOU!


That is why inside the Business Plan Outline I have included a complete outline of what is inside a Business Plan so that you can start your new business with confidence.


Are you Ready to Know the Cost of Your New Business Before You Spend a Penny?


When you sign up, You will get…..


Access to a complete Business Plan Outline for Growers filled with tips for:

  • Learning how to create a business plan for your dream growing

  • Learn what your business needs to get started

  • How to find the answers to starting your Growing Business

  • Make your Dream Homestead Business Come to Life

Store Mockups (19).png
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